It was a warm early summer Sunday, I suppose, but I don’t remember clearly. What I do remember, or so I think, is that it was the end of Sunday School for the year. That Sunday there was usually a church picnic at one of the larger local parks.

My mother had prepared what she called an overnight fruit salad, a large enough batch to fill the largest of the brightly colored Pyrex nesting bowls – the yellow one. She had kept the bowl in the refrigerator and covered it that morning with plastic wrap. I guess she had put it in the church refrigerator during the service, but as a kid what did I care.

When we got to the park, however, it was my dad’s responsibility to take the bowl to the covered pavilion. An easy enough task, except that the bowl had been cold and the humidity and heat that day were high. I’ll bet you can guess what happened.

Yup! My dad lifted the bowl out of the trunk, and the wet sides of the bowl slid right through his hands. The bowl and the salad shattered and splatted on the parking lot pavement. A loss to all.


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