Blogging has been a learning experience, and this piece seems like such a ramble.

I first started this blog when my daughter-in-law and I were cleaning out the closet library where my mother had most of her cookbooks. As I continued this task, however, I found recipe books in her bedroom (She perused and read cookbooks like some people read “How-to” books.), in her office, in the spare bedroom, in the hall pantry, and in several places in the basement.

It was her habit, a learned habit from my grandmother and passed to me, to clip recipes that sounded good from magazines and copy recipes from other people’s recipe card files. That being said, many of the recipes have absolutely no reference as to where they were found OR the name of the person who gave her the recipe is stated in the title. For example, the recipe I use for zucchini bread simply says “Fran’s Zucchini Bread.”

The original name of this blog was Mormor’s Recipe Room. I thought I had to grab up a blog address quickly because it might be gone, but after only creating a couple of posts, it sat – for six months – without a post. Granted there have been other reasons why I haven’t posted, but I believe that part of the reason has been the lack of direction and that I didn’t really like the title.

Mormor’s Recipe Room doesn’t completely fit because I have recipes from my grandmother’s stash, my mother’s stash, and my stash. “Mormor” is what my children called my mother: it’s Swedish for mother’s mother, but since I had two boys, it doesn’t fit me. I would be “Formor” to my grandchildren – Swedish for father’s mother.

In an effort to change the blog’s name, I figured I needed to change the blog’s address about a week ago. Instead of just changing it, however, I pressed something and found that everything moved to the new address, but I still have the old one as well.

This brings me to my current title (Eclectic Recipe Book) with the tag line (recipes, stories, & memories). I have thought about adding the word “kitchen” before the word “memories,” but I’m wondering if that would be too much?

What do you think about the title and tag line chosen?


2 thoughts on “DAY 2: TITLE AND TAGLINE

  1. I like the title and tagline. “Eclectic” covers anything and everything else that may not fit “Recipe” and the tagline is descriptive without being wordy.

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