Well, howdy, Neighbor. Here in the Blogging 101 class, it is time to meet the neighbors.

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

What fun! This time, with this blog, I’m looking at cooking and baking blogs. If you are in class and I missed yours, I apologize. Let me know who you are and I’ll take a look at your recipes if you take a look at mine.

So, I started by purging all the topics I had in my reader, except Blogging 101. I’m working to clean and purge my house of everything I don’t want to move; so, I thought “why not clean house in my blog.”


With a recipe blog, it seems kind of obvious what my topics should be, so yes, I added “baking,” “cooking,” and “recipes.”

But I also added, “diabetic cooking” to help my husband keep control of his diabetes; “preserving” and “harvest recipes” since I just put up 12 jars of refrigerator pickles and 4 jars of refrigerated pickled red cabbage; and specific food categories like “breads” and “chicken.”


Although I “added” several blogs to my “following” link, I thought that since this is a foodish sort of blog I should share blogs related to food. Eventually I will place these on the “Foodish” Blogs I Follow, I have shared them here as part of the assignment.

Agents of Field

I like the mission statement and creative name this pair developed. The blog contains numerous recipes as well as pictures.


Naureen not only shares recipes, but she also shares learned insight into what she has learned over the years.

Frugal. Fitness. Foodie.

As an almost 26 year old, this writer hits the nail on the head. She’s got a good title and good topic plans.


Anne is focused on anything and everything, especially if it is a learning experience.


Ordinary Adventures

One of the various blog posts I read today featured this blog. I liked what I found when I checked it out.


This blog is penned by someone who has taken Blogging 101 and is sharing ideas on the course and life.


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